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Система радио-управления наливом и предотвращением перелива для бункеровки судов LRC

Fill- and overfill-prevention system for ship bunkering
Fields of application: Mineral oil products (Ex- and non-Ex) Chemical products Ship bunkering



LRC Small System is a complete radio controlled fill- and overfill prevention system for tanker trucks and many other applications. It is designed for the filling / refilling of tanks and tanker trucks as well as for ship bunkering and other applications.

For ship-bunkering in european inland waterways overfill-prevention systems are obligatory by law. This is for example for Netherland ships an optical limit sensor, for German and other ships an electronical limit probe according to EN13616, for other ships a floating probe.
All 3 systems can be covered with the LRC-Small Ship.